Hosting Network

At, we have been developing and hosting websites since 2000 and have seen a lot of advances in the industry.  In recent years, we have diversified our hosting resources to provide more hosting options for our clients and enhance the SEO value of having our sites distributed over IP diverse networks.

We currently manage 4 servers in the following locations:

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  • Brisbane, Queensland – Pipe Networks Datacentre.  Local Datacentre for sites requiring low latency/fast support at a higher bandwidth cost.
  • Los Angeles, Digital Realty Trust Datacentre. High Volume servers located west coast USA for reduced latency and reasonable bandwidth costs.
  • Dallas, Texas – The Planet Datacentre – High volume servers with lower cost bandwidth.
  • Chicago, Illinois – Singlehop Datacentre (reserved for network SEO use and worpdress production)

From our experience in website development and hosting over the years, we know the importance of having server reliability but we also know that servers are computers and computers can and do have failures.  Therefore, we have built our server network based on the backup technical support provided by the these datacentres to ensure that unforseen events are resolved as quickly as possible.

We know that our hosting services are among the best available and our network offers SEO values that are not provided by others.