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Malware Scans for WordPress Sites

As a WordPress website owner, you will most likley have read about WordPress being a prime target for hackers. This is due to WordPress being a victim of it’s popularity and website owners failing to keep WordPress updated and maintained.

At Gympie Hosting, we offer a WordPress Care Plan to keep your site updated and maintain backups but in the event that your site has been hqacked or compromised, we also offer a complete malware scan and removal service for WordPress. This service includes an initial free scan of your website to identify the compromise or infection. If the site is infected, we will provide a quote to clean the site and remove infected files etc.

The site disinfection service usually costs around $120- $150 but this fee is waived upon subscribing to an annual care plan or migrating your website to our Fast VPS servers under a Premium WP Hosting Plan.

The Malware Scan and Disfection process includes:

  • backup the infected WordPress site
  • install the backup on our local development server
  • update WordPress and plugins
  • search for infected files
  • undertake a database scan for compromised tables or data
  • create a new administrator account with a secure password
  • migrate the disinfected site back to the client server
  • install backup and security plugins to minimise the risk of re-infection

As you can see, malware removal is a time consuming process where the old adage is true – “prevention is better than cure“.

Contact us for more information on having your WordPress scanned fo Malware.

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