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WordPress Care Plans

WordPress websites need continuous maintenance to keep the operating files and plugins up to date to ensure it is protected against hackers. Also, you need to have a reliable, regular site backup in case your site is compromised, to enable it to be restored from a recent clean backup.

At Gympie Hosting, we have seen several WordPress sites hacked over the years when clients come to us for help to re-instate their website. From experience, site recovery is much easier when clients have a backup copy of the site and database which can be used to restore the website.

After having recovered too many sites over the years, we know that hacked sites are usually the result of sites being compromised due to out-dated WordPress files and plugins or through having simple passwords.

Cleaning a WordPress site requires some work in identifying and removing infected site files:

  • backup the infected WordPress site
  • install the backup on our local development server
  • update WordPress and plugins
  • search for infected files
  • undertake a database scan for compromised tables or data
  • create a new administrator account with a secure password
  • migrate the disinfected site back to the client server
  • install backup and security plugins to minimise the risk of re-infection
  • offer a care plan to maintain WordPress with regular updates and backups.

Our WordPress Care plans offer you the best protection for keeping your website free from potential hackers and give you peace of mind.

We include a WordPress Care Plan in our premium WordPress hosting package and also offer the Care Plan to all WordPress website owners at a special rate of $198 per year (GST inc).

Contact us for more information on obtaining access to a WordPress Care Plan for your website.

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