Gympie Hosting for Wordpress Hosting in Gympie.

Sign Up Process

At Gympie Hosting, we manually create our hosting accounts to ensure that a sufficiently secure username and password combination are used instead of the standard Cpanel auto-generated access to reduce the risk of hackers compromising your account using password software.

We also like to take add some bonuses to hosting accounts including templates and themes etc (depending on the hosting plan selected).

Our attention to detail does take a bit longer to create your account and we aim to have it running and send you your welcome email within 24 hours of receiving your domain details. We are also happy to complete the domain delegation process for you.

To sign up for your new hosting account, select the plan that you require and click the relevant “sign up” button under the plan (remember there is an attractive discount for each annual subscription plan that will give you 2 months free).  Once you have made you payment at Paypal, you should be returned to our Thank You page where you are requested to complete our hosting signup form to provide us with the details we require to create yiour new account.

If you have any concerns about the process, please contact Allan (email or phone 0409 823 478) for assistance.  In these circumstances, we may change the process to let you to complete the signup form and have your hosting account created first, before your payment is made.

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